Legal subscriber services

LEX LAW Firm offers you services in the field of legal support of your business on a monthly basis.

Complex legal subscriber services have a number of significant advantages:

  • The cost of subscriber maintenance is less than the salary of a regular high-qualified lawyer of the company;
  • You significantly save on purchasing the necessary technical equipment (computer, office equipment, etc.), legal software, renting additional premises, paying taxes and social deductions, not to mention expenses for the purchase of office supplies, etc. Operational costs when maintaining any staff unit;
  • The payment for legal services that were provided by us can be included in business expenses, which will reduce the amount of income tax of your company;
  • When ordering any service, you receive prompt assistance – after all, you are not waiting for the conclusion of the contract, and we do not expect a prepayment from you, moreover we immediately start work;
  • We do not go on vacation, do not get sick, do not quit at the most inopportune moment and do not demand an increase in wages.