Corporate law

Corporate law

The Law Firm LEX has vast experience, deep knowledge of the theory and practice in the field of corporate law.

We are pleased to offer for our customers both individuals and legal entities, a complex of complementary services based on a multilateral approach to render the emerging issues in process of the operations of commercial and non-profit organizations:

- advising on choosing the best legal organizational form for establishing business in the Kyrgyz Republic;

- drafting and analysis of constitutive documents for commercial and non-profit organizations, their branches and representative offices;

- legal support on issues of registration, establishment and re-registration of legal entities, its branches and representative offices;

- legal support in liquidation of legal entities, bankruptcy;

- advising on issues of reorganization (merger, annexation, split, partition, and transformation) of legal entities;

- opening of banking accounts in various jurisdictions;

- opening of companies in low ratable tax zones and their legal support.

Mergers and Acquisitions&A

The Law Firm LEX has a wide experience in the provision of services on issues of mergers and acquisitions, structuring and restructuring of the business of foreign and local companies. We provide full legal support of mergers, sales and acquisitions of companies or assets.

- drafting of projects of the necessary documents for participation in the negotiations between the parties of transactions;

- conducting a legal audit (due diligence) of the company / assets;

- legal support in structuring of transaction, taking into account the results of due diligence, the status of the company / assets or specifics of the company, the purpose of the transaction and the results of the preliminary agreement of the parties;

- passage of the procedure for obtaining all necessary governmental and corporate approximations and approvals (antimonopoly approval, denial of the right of pre-emption purchase and etc.);

- legal support when transferring interest of participation and registration of this transaction;

- preparation, analysis and legal support for contracts and other documents related to the implementation of procedures for mergers, acquisitions or other business reorganization procedure.