Resolution of litigations

Lawyer of the Law firm LEX provide comprehensive legal support to clients in pre-trial settlement of disputes in litigation, as well as at the stage of execution of the judgment.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in courts of all levels of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as n the arbitral of disputes under the following categories:

– economic (commercial) disputes arising out of contracts of sale, lease, labor contract, supply, services and other types of contracts;

– debate on the recognition of transactions void, termination of contracts, recovery of damages and other types of commercial disputes;

– disputes on protection of property rights and other rights (return of property from unlawful possession, protection from unreasonable reclaim property, recognition of property rights through the courts, recognition void transactions and returns transmitted to the transaction, appeal of denial of state registration of rights to immovable property, removal of illegally – garnishment, foreclosure on the mortgaged property);

– disputes in real estate, construction and investment activities related to the protection of rights to immovable property, arising from real estate transactions, from construction contracts, equity participation in the construction and investment agreements;

– administrative dispute (contestation of non-legislative acts, decisions, actions (inaction) of state authorities and officials);

– tax and labor disputes;

– disputes in the sphere of subsoil use, banking and insurance.