Real Estate

Implementation of real estate transactions requires not only the material and physical costs, but also specific knowledge. Therefore, issues related to the disposal of property, legal support and other complex tasks should be left to professionals.

LEX Law Firm provides the following services related to Real Estate:

– representation in all government and local self-government bodies in the process of registration of rights to real estate (buildings, non-residential premises, land, etc.);

– implementation of the procedure of state registration of ownership and other real rights on real estate in the territorial bodies;

– legal support in the registration of property rights, inheritance, mortgage, lease and other rights on real estate;

– development and review of contracts of sale, lease, sublease, etc. in respect of immovable property;

– obtaining information on registered title to real estate in the Office of land management and registration of rights to immovable property;

– due diligence and working out recommendations to purchasers of real estate to reduce the legal risks.